Saturday, 4 December 2010


1. i really love pandora charms i think its amazing how much detail something so small can have, however what i dont love is the price tag for some of the really pretty ones.

2.  HOT CHOCOLATE WITH THE LITTLE MARSHMALLOWS AND CREAM. mmmm if you want my heart buy me one and im yours forever.

3. LONDON : apart from being the capital of a very proud kingdom i belong to (UNITED KINGDOM that is) THE shops are amazing the buildings just everything hopefully one day i shall live there.

4.  Louis vutton HANDBAGS, PURSES AND LUGGAGE. i usually get these when i go away places because with the little amount of money i earn i cant afford the real shit. SO i go for genuine fake.

5. this picture of mark.. SO CUTE.

6. GALAXY COOOKIEEE CRUMBLE. Mmmmmm. Nothing better than chocolate.

7.  when i had short hair. MY NECK HAD NEVER BEEN SO FREEEE! but its took me long enough to grow so im going to keep it this way.

8.  MY TOYWATCH..however i seem to have misplaced it :(

 I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pink Total Stones Diamante ToyWatch though currently saving for it :£215.00

9. Tiny pets.  PIGGIES & PUPPIES. awrghhh. >.<

10. Holidays ABROAD. nothing beats getting away from lifes stresses than chilling in the sun with an ice cold drink. Yummmm!


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