Wednesday, 5 January 2011

My Pet Peeves....

so guys i thought i post another blog to help you get to know me more. And to find out what really makes me tick :@

when im driving in my car and another car is coming in the same direction but there is not enough room for us both, so i kindly pull in to let the other car pass AND I DO NOT GET THE COURTESY WAVE. im like what makes you think you should have the right, i was being polite and you cannot even wave to say thank you. YOU peaCOCK.

when you have a conversation with someone and then they switch off and say ''what did you say'' im like wtf listen the first time im not going to waste my breath if you cant be bothered to listen. ARGH.

smelly breath. Urgh when your talking to someone and their breath smells foul. And you subtly go into your bag get yourself some chewing gum and offer them a piece and they say NO im like no please have it for my benefit please...either that or am no longer talking to you. (:

when skinny people say they are fat when they clearly would snap on a windy day. Its makes you think well ok if you think your fat they how am earth do you see me :/ its makes me want to punch you in the mouth,. AND SAY ''the only thing fat about you is your lip now'' BIATCH.

when people dont have manners,. like when i hold a door open for someone i expect a thank you its like ive just wasted 2 seconds of my life to help you the least you could say is thank you. If you do, do that to me i will say so you can hear YOUR WELCOME, and next time il will let the door hit you in the face (: SIMPLES.

bushy eyebrows OR over plucked EYEBROWS. both are just as bad its make me want to run up to you with a pair of tweezers or an eyebrow pencil. So, com'on girls its the first thing people notice they frame your face sort um' out.

NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE : Left pencilled in. Right over plucked.

Am not a Bitch HONEST just these things just really bug me.
Leave comments of your pet peeves below (: